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Enterprise Business Dashboarding

Data & Analytics is the backbone of a company. 

Enterprise Business Dashboarding provides the executives of a company with valuable and insightful data that are key to strategic decision-making and running their business efficiently. At Delphi Consulting, we create a unique & modified dashboard that caters to our client’s needs of loading, transforming, and analyzing data, which are integral to running their business. The custom dashboard will provide a holistic view of all the data metrics across the organization enabling you to take key business decisions. Delphi provides at least 3 iterations while creating the dashboard with all the data the client wants and also provide the KPIs (Key Performance Indicator) based on their requirements. We work closely with our UI/UX design team to make the dashboard more aesthetically appealing and enhance the overall performance and user experience.

Approach - Enterprise Business Dashboarding

Approach - Enterprise Business Dashboarding

Understanding requirement

Research and information Architecture

Prototype and Wireframe

Visual Design

Analytics & Testing.

Need for Service