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Data Orchestration

Data is Power!

The governance of data is a gordian knot for many organizations since there are too many data systems to keep track of, and it gets overwhelming. Data Orchestration is the process of automating the entire collection, standardization, and organization of the data collected from various data silos and making them intelligible for data analysis tools. At Delphi, we provide this service to our clients to automate and streamline their business and enable data-driven decision-making with minimal human interaction, using certain software tools. We leverage the process of ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) to facilitate the entire data governance and management of the organization. ETL is a data integration process, which is a part of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Suite, to generate big data pipelines, Data hubs, Data warehouses, etc. Without requiring engineers to write custom scripts, Data Orchestration will connect the storage systems of your business together, making it easier for the data analysis tools to easily access the data and use them for critical decision-making.

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