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Project Progress Dashboard + Reporting Of All Business Units

Project Progress Dashboard + Reporting Of All Business Units

Building a cloud-based data landscape connected with Power App to allow consistent & data driven updates from Project Managers to Executives

  • Data Uniformity was missing as each department was following different reporting formats, different reporting periods, and Projects master data was not maintained at a single source
  • Some Projects are linked to KPI & must be reported to KPI Owner.
  • Project Manager maybe on leave and Project Members must provide update.
  • Manual reporting to Executive without consistent frequency.
  • Conducted business workshops with business units reporting frequently to Client’s leadership, to identify and prioritize business KPIs
  • Power Apps, Power Automate, SharePoint and Power BI are selected technology options
  • Provided User management within Power App
  • Provided Role based data entry within Power App
  • Maintained Data linkage to KPI’s
  • Provided Role based SLA reminders for different Projects having different SLA’s
  • Provided System based SLA missed actions to keep the process ongoing
  • SharePoint acted as source for power bi dashboard. Executive report got produced directly out of Project Progress data stored on SharePoint Lists
  • Provided merged weekly reporting data for all projects on Power BI
  • Executives can see the weekly update from anywhere on their desktop or mobile

Key Value to Business:​

  • Visibility and accessibility of Projects performance KPIs across LOBs in one view
  • Master data management concepts reduced the confusion in business around projects and customers.
  • Easy visibility and configurability to view status of the Projects.
Renewable Energy, Clean Technology, Real Estate
Human Capital Department
Middle East​
Systems used​
Power Bi , SharePoint
Executive, Summary , Detailed