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Tenants and Tenancy Management – Fit Out Portal

Tenants and Tenancy Management – Fit Out Portal

Develop an application which integrates with different collaboration tools to perform search and helps users in finding the required documents when they need it the most, at one place. 

  • Currently the portal is designed based on the Fit-Out guide version 5.0
  • The portal needs to follow and align as per the latest Fit-Out guide version 8.0. Fundamental change in the processes necessitates revamp of the entire portal from design and process perspective.
  • Delphi developed a custom build portal for Client using Angular 11 for user interface and C# ASP.NET core 6.0 as backend services to interact with SQL server database to facilitate the tenancy fit out process. 
  • The portal facilitates the tenants and Client tenant management team to share, store, review and approve tenancy related documents like approved designs, permits, occupancy certificate etc. with each other during the fit-out process. 

Key Value to Business:​

  • Digitally transform & streamline the manual fit out process
  • Ease in sharing and managing required artifacts at one place
  • Avoid process bottlenecks
Real Estate​
Tenants, Tenancy Managers​
Middle East​
Systems used​
Angular 11, ASP.NET SQL Server DB
User Management, Document Management, Fit out process ​