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Revenue Cycle Management (Data Transformation + Dashboarding)

Revenue Cycle Management (Data Transformation + Dashboarding)

Consolidating data from 7 company assets to a Corporate Cloud M365 and Azure Landscape; and creating a holistic Revenue Cycle Management dashboard tracking Insurances and Assets.

  • Consolidating operations of data Infrastructure from different assets to one Azure based data landscape at Corporate
  • As the assets are depending on data and their current data infrastructure, we have to build a parallel scalable and user intuitive data landscape without impacting their business operations
  • All assets have their own credentials and own reporting standards
  • Connecting with a government portal and not interfering with current business processes in place
  • Exploring business functions and finalizing a roadmap of priorities data which are required to be consolidated in Azure cloud data platform
  • They will be able to consolidate all data operations at a corporate level, and drive their data strategy from corporate to aid all assets so that assets can focus on their core business
  • Automation of report delivery and weekly refreshes scheduled
  • Creation of a holistic Dashboard that can provide actionable insights for all levels of details
  • Providing a consolidated view and comparative view of all the assets under in one location

Key Value to Business:​

  • Revenue Cycle management Dashboard to allow teams across the organization and its assets to download reports and reconciliate with payers faster
  • Allows managers to understand better insights on ageing of claims, best performing and worst performing assets, payers, service lines, etc
  • Automation of Data load from portal to reduce manual tasks of downloading and reconciliation for teams.
  • Storage of all assets data under the tenant for future use cases
  • Master data management concepts reduced the confusion in business around projects and customers
  • Cost visibility and usage of data landscape by Business units are clearly visible
RCM Teams across MH and it’s entities
Middle East​
Systems used​
Azure, Power BI
Summary, Ageing of Claims, Denials, Revenue, Activity Insights, Physician Insights