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Policy Acknowledgement App

Policy Acknowledgement App

The Policy Acknowledgment App – Cloud Service​​

  • Circulation of new policies is conducted via E-mail.
  • Hard to track who has received the policy and read it.
  • Overall compliance maintenance of the company is delayed due to manual tracking process.
  • Drive workshop with customer to understand the current process and policy circulate procedure to automate all the cloud requirements & improve User productivity.​
  • Easy & Rapid technique to Circulate Policies​.
  • Automate the Compliance Tracking process​.
  • Highly Salable for all Departments/Groups​.
  • Quick Deployment & User-friendly to Adopt​.
  • Streamline Risks Management & HR process.​

Key Value to Business:​

  • The signed Policy Acknowledgment App is an effective way to ensure, as an Employer, that the employees are informed of new workplace policies and expectations. The App delivers a reliable, scalable, full automated and more secure solution.​
  • seamless migration of existing policies and procedures, meaning you’re up and running in days or weeks, not years.​
Renewable / Sustainable Energy
Company Wide Employees
Middle East​
Systems used​
MS Power Platform
PowerApps, SharePoint