Optimize your workload with Cloud

We help our clients by introducing a frictionless innovation with cloud that enhances their workflow with the data.

Why choose cloud?

Modern business today mainly depends on intelligent business and IT solutions. We efficiently optimize your data by successfully migrating entire data centres as well as individual workloads to cloud, which enhances the values and delivers prompts business solutions. With your data on cloud, we also eliminate the risk that comes with traditional ways of data storage and management. We guarantee that the cloud architecture and migration pattern are in line with your cloud goals, and that high-quality and cost-effective migration is achieved using the best industrial processes and tools.

Delphi Approach




Our cloud architects will analyze your current architecture and establish an understanding concerning your business requirements. 



We will create a tailored cloud environment that satisfies your security, compliance, agility, and cost-cutting needs. 



Once the blueprint is approved, Take control of production-ready cloud infrastructure and go live on cloud. 



As the natural continuation of the journey, we will provide services for managing workloads running on the cloud. 

Our Cloud capabilities


Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

A cloud migration is moving a company’s data or all its data center capabilities into the cloud, to run on cloud-based infrastructure. We provide easy on-prem migration to cloud, which will allow a much more dynamically scalable & reliable IT structure, that is specifically tailored for optimal business performance along with exponential growth & development.

Cloud Modernization

Cloud Modernization

Cloud modernization is the process of continually upgrading and optimizing your applications and their underlying infrastructure and services. We help our clients reap the long-term benefits of running your applications and IT infrastructure in the cloud. This benefit includes IT agility in development, operations and change management.

Cloud Application Development

Cloud Application Development

Cloud application development is the process through which a cloud-based app is built, involving multiple steps of software development. We use best cloud app development practices and tools which include DevOps and Kubernetes.

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