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Development Hub Project Status Tracker

Development Hub Project Status Tracker

Building a cloud-based data landscape connected with Power App to allow approval-based reporting to executives​

  • Our Client was looking for an application to track the progress of various projects going on. They wanted to connect this with one source of truth- Primavera and fetch data from it. 
  • This application was developed to track and manage  the progress of 14 stages of development, upload documents relevant to each stage, initiate and manage approvals, and be updated about the progress of various projects
  • Delphi developed an application on PowerApps with SharePoint as the backend. This application helped the stakeholders to track the projects, Upload documents related to relevant stages, and initiate and manage approvals for stages where it is required.​
  • A dashboard was also created in power BI which covered all the important KPIs that are relevant to track the progress of the construction of a project. This application will help the client development team manage the construction of the project end to end, from the initiation phase to the Delivery phase.​

Key Value to Business:​

  • This application helped our client digitize the process for managing the progress of a project and manage the progress of each stage of development over a project lifecycle​
  • A common platform to view progress for all the projects going on for the executives which will save time​
Renewable/Sustainable Energy
Middle East​
Systems used​
MS Power Platform
PowerApps, Dashboards, SharePoint