Threat Protection

Delphi’s Consulting practice helps enterprises enhance their cyber threat response by automating and reducing time to respond and resolve. Our integrated and automated security solutions help stop damaging cyber-attacks. 

Through continuous monitoring and establishing threat intelligence, combined with threat modelling and attack path definition, our approach enables faster investigation for preventive and proactive risk mitigation and incident response. All this is done without requiring a lot of time spent on creating and fine-tuning rules, further reducing the burden on your security analysts, allowing them to spend time remediating attacks or preventing more user-generated breaches. We also assist you in detection and removal of ransomware, plus file recovery round out a comprehensive approach to defending against advanced persistent threats. 

Our Expertise – 

  • Consulting and deployment services to rollout Office 365 ATP for advanced email protection against phishing attempts and unknown threats. 
  • Consulting and deployment services to rollout MCAS to detect attacks from both on-premises and cloud signal. 
  • Provide consulting and deployment services to rollout Azure ATP to identify, detect, and investigate advanced threats, compromised identities, and malicious insider actions. 

Security Management

Organizations often have a multitude of deployed security solutions, making it difficult to have full visibility across all environments, leading to ineffective detection and response. Delphi’s Consulting practice simplifies your security management by helping you consolidate across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid, while ensuring that your IT security teams have the flexibility and freedom to manage security controls for identity, devices, apps. 

Our Expertise – 

  • Comprehensive Security Management across on-prem, Microsoft Azure, and 3rd party clouds. 
  • Integrations with non-Microsoft security tools. 
  • Providing quantifiable measurement of your security posture and actionable recommendations for how to improve it. 

Identity and Access Management

The very first step to ensuring cloud security is verification of identity. Identity and access management (IAM) is essential for security and regulatory compliance. It can also be a significant undertaking without the right skills and strategy.  

Delphi helps your business to easily manage identities across thousands of apps and platforms with best in-class Azure Active Directory and Azure AD Premium consulting services. Our identity and security experts help you tackle your various IAM projects, identifying roadblocks, architecting, and managing solutions that set you up for long-term success. We also empower your IT admins by enabling them to closely monitor sign-in activity, extend rights and protect their IT infrastructure. 

Our Expertise – 

  • Provide an extra layer of security with MFA. 
  • Deploy conditional access for risk-based user access.
  • Deploy SSO for on-premises and cloud applications.
  • Eliminate passwords by using Windows Hello.
  • Restrict and monitor privileged identities with PAM. 

End Point Security

A centralized security solution is no longer sufficient today’s ever shifting and unmeasurable security perimeter, with employees relying on smart phones, personal desktops, and laptops to access company networks for work. Endpoint security is all about effectively safeguarding every endpoint connected to a network to prevent unauthorized access and other potentially dangerous activities at these points of entry. 

These days, the workplace network security perimeter has expanded as more businesses implement practices such as BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and remote/mobile personnel, and it has become more important than ever to secure and safeguard your endpoints to ensure security and integrity of data. 

Our team uses Defender ATP for providing you best in class Endpoint security for all your needs. 

Our Expertise – 

  • Consulting and implementation around Endpoint security 
  • Defender ATP rollout for Enterprise organizations 

Security Assessments

Delphi’s team reviews your Microsoft Cloud environment (Azure AD & Office 365) and provides prioritized, actionable recommendations. We have a targeted focus on Administration, Logging, and Security Controls to review your Microsoft Cloud tenant and identify potential problem areas which could be exploited by attackers. Our team studies the configured Azure Active Directory (Azure AD), Office 365, Exchange Online environment, and provides recommendations pertaining to the features and controls available with your existing Cloud subscriptions fine-tuned to your business requirements. 

Our Expertise – 

  • Get insight into organization’s cybersecurity posture through scans, investigation, and analysis 
  • Perform cost-benefit analysis between Microsoft and competitive solutions 

Information Protection

Sharing information with trusted parties inside and outside the organization is a key to success in today’s digital world. This free flow of information introduces increased risk of sensitive data loss. Therefore, a comprehensive information protection approach is critical.  

Delphi’s Consulting practice helps clients determine appropriate solutions to protecting personal and corporate information while ensuring compliance with ever evolving data privacy regulations. Our team of experts work closely with your specific business requirements, and address security across all phases of the data lifecycle. This includes protecting sensitive information across devices, SaaS applications and cloud services, as well as on premises environments. 

Our Expertise – 

  • Assess and help identify sensitive information in an organization to label and classify. 
  • Apply data security policies with Azure Information Protection.
  • Deploy AIP to automatically apply label and protect file or data.
  • Protect sensitive data when it travels outside the organization by deploying AIP. 

Cloud Security

Cloud computing has changed the way we work and brought about increased agility, collaboration, and scalability. With worldwide adoption growing – It’s necessary for businesses to have a clear picture of their cloud usage as well as a strategy for managing overall cloud security. 

Cloud environment is not inherently secure, and cyber criminals constantly use evolving techniques to target unsecured cloud environments. Delphi’s team helps you gain visibility and control across the entire cloud environment, thereby allowing your workforce to operate securely and do their best work. We work with you to create a well-defined cloud security strategy and solution design for getting rid of potential vulnerabilities like unauthorized app usage, misconfigured file sharing permissions, and more.