Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based service that helps organizations share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to: 

  • Empower teamwork 
  • Quickly find information 
  • Seamlessly collaborate across the organization

SharePoint empowers teamwork by collaborating and streamlining your team’s work. Team members can use it as a secure place to share files, data, news and resources inside and outside your organization. 

How Delphi can help you leverage SharePoint 

Assessment & advisory 

Delphi will guide you through SharePoint to find the right configuration for your business. Our team uses Microsoft’s best practices to help you create a proper information architecture, an efficient governance strategy, and a comprehensive roadmap for creating your next-gen collaboration portal. 

SharePoint customization 

SharePoint has best-in-class document storage and collaboration capabilities. However, many organizations may opt for going beyond the core functionality by adapting SharePoint to previously established processes or transforming their business processes with customized SharePoint features. 

SharePoint integration 

Connecting SharePoint with vital systems creates endless possibilities for simplifying your daily routine and streamlining your operations. Integrations enable users to stay in SharePoint instead of switching between many systems, inserting external data to speed up document creation, etc. Delphi has the necessary experience to analyze your current software, create an integration plan, and implement it properly. 

SharePoint migration 

Migration of legacy portals to SharePoint or to newer versions of the platform helps upgrade their features, increase productivity, and reduce the cost of a company’s digital workplace. With Delphi, you can evaluate your information architecture, identify migration blocks, and develop a comprehensive migration plan that eliminates data loss and downtime. 

Gain More with Delphi Consulting’s SharePoint Services  

  1. Document and Content Management Simplified 

Simplifying the process of sharing, storing or managing documents and publishing contents in a secured way to boost collaboration 

  1. Custom Dashboards

Produce role-based custom dashboards for employees and management with information that is most relevant to them 

  1. Automated Workflows

Automate your repeatable business processes with strong workflows for better productivity 

  1. Better Communication and Collaboration 

Engaging SharePoint portals to boost collaboration and communication among employees for enhanced productivity 

  1. Powerful Search Options

Ability to perform quick searches by configuring library with tags and metadata to locate the right documents, people, articles, news etc. and save time 

  1. SharePoint Governance

Help you set up role-based access/permission, rules, regulations for users and create guidelines for external and internal data sharing 

  1. Enterprise-Grade User Experience and Branding

SharePoint branding for current intranet and public facing sites to improve user experience, thereby increasing traffic and engagement to the site/portal 

Adoption and Change Management

Delphi Consulting is an enabler for business transformation. With Microsoft 365, we offer best-in-class productivity and collaboration tools—leading to a whole new way of working. For you to realize their desired business outcomes and return on investment, it’s critical for users to not only adopt new services, but also to embrace those services and use them as part of their natural rhythm of work and that is what we do with our Adoption and Change Management practice.  

A three-phased adoption approach 

A three-phased approach to customer adoption—envision, onboard, and drive value—provides the foundation to help you your successful Office 365 transition. 

  • Envision (prelaunch) 

Understand the context of the organization, define the scope and objectives of the change, and identify who will drive the change forward—prioritizing groups affected and defining the new behaviors required to achieve customer business outcomes. During this phase, we’ll complete the development of the change management plans and work on related detailed activities. 

  • Onboard (launch) 

With the blueprint defined in the envision phase, we now have the plans and activities necessary to implement change. The Office 365 service is available, and early adopters make the transition. Stakeholders begin communicating, managers engage their workforces, training (contextualized to support how people can transition and adopt new ways of working) is available and delivered. The workforce begins to adapt to new ways of working.  

  • Drive value (post-launch) 

In this phase, feedback from the workforce is gathered, the business outcomes (defined during the envision phase) are measured, and any necessary corrective action is identified and implemented within your established plans. Feedback is essential to identify the corrections that may be needed in the adoption approach. Feedback also enables additional benefits, improvements in ways of working, and recognition of how future capabilities should be introduced. 


Stakeholder engagement plan 

The key to a successful adoption is to create a dynamic team of committed individuals—or change network—made up of sponsors, stakeholders, and change agents who represent a cross-section of your organization and who can drive, and effect change in other staff. Key team members include 

  • Sponsors: Key leaders within the organization. Their participation is essential to driving employee adoption. Key leaders have the greatest influence on company culture and can actively communicate the rationale for and the value and benefits of a new technology and new ways of working throughout the organization.
  • Ambassadors: In most organizations, directors or vice presidents who drive and encourage staff in a region or function to engage in the change.
  • Change champions: Success owners who take responsibility for ensuring individuals use the service, get value from it, and become high performers. Establishing change champions is important to ensure the business goals set for Office 365 are realized. Change champions are knowledgeable, committed to furthering their expertise, and are willing to provide peer coaching and assistance. They help advocate and showcase how Office 365 technology can meet the needs their department and team.
  • All managers or supervisors: Lead change with their direct reports. An employee’s direct supervisor is crucial in delivering the most personal messages for that employee. 


  • Communications plan: Defines the target audiences, key messages, senders, channels, frequency, and timing required to build awareness of the change, and clearly outlines what’s expected from staff affected by the change. 
  • Training plan: Defines the target audiences, methods of delivery, requirements for training, and timing that are required to build the skills and knowledge in the organization.
  • Measurement plan: Creates a scorecard that tracks adoption and usage measures for Office 365; helps to ensure the success of an ongoing process for collecting feedback and analyzing results. Monitoring and reporting on usage helps demonstrate overall adoption levels and areas where improvement is required.
  • Reinforcement plan: Drives change sustainability and helps ensure adoption continues to progress effectively after the go-live date. Without ongoing reinforcement from all levels of the organization, affected users will revert to previous ways of doing things or find alternative paths. Focuses on collecting feedback, analyzing patterns of resistance, and then building and implementing corrective action plans. Also includes the management of specific rewards and recognition to celebrate successes. 

Microsoft Enterprise Voice Telephony Solution

Organizations with global and remote workforces need a secure and reliable approach for communication and collaboration. In the past, traditional business telephony were sufficient, but in today’s fast-paced digital environment, these solutions have limitations. Modern workers often aren’t tied to a specific location, move offices frequently, and travel to meet clients or business partners. These situations make relying on communication infrastructure that’s on-premises a challenge. 

Today’s users need to be able to communicate anytime, anywhere and on any device. That’s because many employees are not just restricted to their workstations, they use laptops, phones, tablets, and more throughout the workday. Ability to seamlessly transition between these devices and continue conversations in real-time is critical. 

Achieving this modern communication approach requires unified communications, cloud telephony, and other innovative technologies.  

A complete solution for Microsoft Teams Calling with Direct Routing: Move your enterprise to Microsoft Calling with Teams Direct Routing. We have unrivalled expertise in deploying Microsoft voice solutions, and we offer fully compliant legacy PBX replacement.  

Comprehensive Managed Service: From initial consultation and configuration design, to managed roll-out and ongoing support – we take care of it all. Our Microsoft voice specialists will work with you to ensure a secure, compliant, and globally consistent implementation. 

Seamless Integration: Large organizations have complex telephony requirements. Our Direct Routing-as-a-Service offering features integrated solutions for key applications like cloud-based contact centers and policy-based call recording and call account etc. We can also develop custom integrations where required. 


Our Approach 

  1. Design and Planning: Our Microsoft Voice Experts will design a solution tailored to the needs of your business. We’ll make sure your corporate network is optimized for Teams Calling, take care of any 3rd party software integrations, and help you plan your end-user device requirements. 
  2. Implementation and Support: We’ll plan and manage the deployment of Teams Calling across your business. We’ll configure your Microsoft 365 tenant, set up auto attendants and call queues, enable voice policies and dial plans for users, integrate third-party solutions with the voice infrastructure and provide training to usersPost deployment our engineers will provide support in trouble shooting network performance and call quality to provide the best telephony experience for the users.  
  3. Adoption and Training: We deliver training and engagement sessions for Teams Calling to drive employee adoption.   

Modern Workplace

The making of a modern Workplace. Create a culture where collaboration and communication rule, an employees have access to technologies that empower them to do their best work.  

A new approach to Modern Workplace 

Our approach to workplace transformation provides you with a platform that puts your business on a growth footing. Our workplace modernization approach includes: 

  • Creating a modern workplace with Microsoft 365, which includes Office 365, Windows 10 and Enterprise Mobility and Security. 
  • Create seamless experiences – Optimize workplace technologies and physical environments to increase productivity and collaboration. 
  • Minimize security exposure – Secure your workplace, ensure compliance, and maintain customer trust. 
  • Optimize for an evergreen cycle – Manage risks and exploit opportunities associated with frequent updates. 
  • Consume Workplace as a Service – Continuously improve employee experience and operations. 

Benefits for your people – and your business 

With a modern platform in place, it’s time to realize the value. We use workplace analytics to get a better understanding of employee adoption and the benefits of workplace technologies, so that you can: 

  • Empower employees to work in new ways with innovative tools.
  • Use AI and analytics to redefine business processes. 
  • Enhance employee interactions using digital agents, automation and personalization. 
  • Optimize your operations with secure, cost-effective IT. 
  • Enable the flexibility to work securely anytime, anywhere, on any device. 
  • Attract, engage and retain the best talent.