Cloud Migration

A cloud migration is simply moving a company’s data or all its data center capabilities into the cloud, usually to run on the cloud-based infrastructure. We provide easy on prem migration to cloud, which in turn offers a much more dynamically scalable and reliable IT structure, that is specifically tailored for optimal business performance and will support exponential growth and development.

We help unlock the multiple potentials there are in adopting cloud solutions over traditional on prem solutions. These advantages give our clients an edge to achieve their goals in a more optimal way. 

  1. FLEXIBILITY: The adoption of cloud will facilitate with unlimited bandwidth and dynamic storage space according to your need. The dynamicity of cloud will allow you to scale up and down according to the present conditions. This eliminates the need for purchasing installation, regular maintenance, and upgrades on site for the same. 
  2. BUSINESS CONTINUITY: One of the guaranteed assurances our clients can have is a reliable disaster recovery and frequent backup solutions without the inconvenience of setting up a physical device for this problem.  
  3. COST EFFICIENCY: Elimination of the further physical setup of on-prem solution, will significantly cut cost. It is one of the most significant advantages, as cloud-based services are much cheaper to use, as their use case is on a pay-per-use basis only, which means you can easily rent exactly what you need and have a guaranteed return on investment. 
  4. IMPROVED COLLABORATION: The cloud environment drastically increases collaboration between groups and communities having access to same documents and files. It removes the traditional communication delay and makes it much easier and quicker for your employees working from across the globe.  
  5. SCALABILITY AND PERFORMANCE: As you grow, the data grows with you, which results in more storage and bandwidth requirements. Cloud servers can be automatically deployed to help enterprises scale up and down and ensure optimal performance under heavy loads.