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Intranet Portal​

Delphi Intranet Portal​

Creation of a new SharePoint Intranet Portal for Delphi and its department to manage efficient communication and collaboration.​​

  • No existing, consolidated single source for employees to get all important and useful updates from the organization.
  • Identification and organisation of the relevant content data as information was scattered and unorganised.
  • No prior searchable directory for storing and maintaining all important assets and documents for individual department.
  • Earlier there was no medium to share news regarding any individual success/inspiring stories or any important company highlights or milestones.
  • No existing platform acting as a knowledge hub for the employees.
  • The Intranet portal is designed in a way which enable employees to access important information, vital resources and updates regarding any upcoming events with ease. 
  • The Intranet Portal created is a one-stop destination for all the important and useful information for new as well as the long time employees.
  • The portal also hosts important apps like a Leave Management SystemSkill Chart Repository App and other required apps like: Let’s NominateLet’s IdeateLet’s CelebrateEmployee Grievance Form and Suggestion Form.
  • The portal also hosts information regarding training guides, important and relevant news, so employee is up to date and all caught up with required information.

Key Value to Business:​

  • Stronger Internal Communication
  • Increase in Worker Engagement
  • Creation of a Centralized Repository
  • A one-stop platform for posting announcements and upcoming events
  • Saves employee’s time and effort by eliminating the process to search for useful information.
  • Reduction in time for employee on-boarding.
IT/Technology Consulting Firm​
Company Wide Employees
UAE and India​
Systems used​
MS Power Platform
SharePoint, PowerApps, Power Automate​