Agile IT Solutions

Delphi provides you with IT solutions for your problems that will increase your workflow efficiency. Some of our projects include:

  1. Voice assistant developed for Healthcare industry to enhance Patient Experience. The voice assistance leverages Azure Cognitive services and integrates with Hospital Information system, to route the requests from patients to the required department – Nursing, Dietitian, Housekeeping or Call your Doctor.
  2. Delphi built a system, which automates the manual process of attendance, also giving us other insights. The objective of the school attendance software is to reduce the time that is consumed when attendance is taken manually. Unlike the manual process, an online system easily helps management to analyze student’s attendance details as per requirement. Some benefits of attendance automation are:
    • Faster data storage and Recovery
    • Quick Report Generation
    • Minimum Errors
  3. The custom built dashboard by Delphi provides an overview of the performance of stores spread across various regions. This provides us with useful insights which help in growing business, providing us with exact figures, graphs to understand the trend better. Some of the key insights we obtain include the average and per capita sales, profit trends and various informative graphs and charts which help us to visualize the analytics dashboard and take informed decisions.