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Digital Transformation

Digital Organisation

Empower your organisation and workforce to embrace change and create a modern workplace. Through business analytics and data science, learn from the past, predict the future, strategise and streamline your business

Digital Business

Envision and design step-changes in your operation model to be more efficient and competitive in your industry

Digitisation is not new, but is presenting new challenges to organsiations. Digital tools are taking over the business environment, and significantly impacting the way we work, communicate and sell. New opportunities and challenges have arisen triggering organisations digital transformations. You need to ask yourself:

1. Is your company adopting digital transformation?
2. What does digital transformation mean to your company?
3. If you are not adopting digital transformation, should you?

Digital transformation is the acceleration of business activities, processes, competencies and models to take complete advantage of the changing landscape of digital technologies and their impact in a strategic and prioritised way.
In fact, digital transformation is business transformation. Some prefer to use the term digital business transformation, which is more in line with the business aspect of the transformation. These digital business transformations are influenced and driven by the following factors:

1. Technology innovation
2. Customer behaviour and demand
3. External environmental factors

Delphi Consulting can assist you with your digital transformation through the following ways: