Data Warehouse Assessment methodology and Modernization advisory

This Includes analyzing the Current state and the Desired state to assess the gap between them.Using Comprehensive Set of Characteristics to measure the capability of DW environment. The DW assessment provides us withan executive summary and roadmap to align data warehouse dimensions with business requirements, and a detailed plan of the recommended next steps to close gaps between current and desired levels.

Data Quality assessments are conducted by Delphi

High-quality data is precondition for analyzing and for guaranteeing the value of the data. We proposed a hierarchical data quality standard from the perspective of the users.We choose data quality dimensions commonly accepted and widely used as data quality standards and redefined their basic concepts based on actual business needs. The steps followed for the assessment are:

  • Source systems data Identification
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Data Quality Benchmarking

Data migration and consolidation with 99% data quality levels for global markets for a retailer

Delphi automated data extraction from multiple source systems (ERP, HR, Business critical applications) to ingest in a cloud-based data warehouse. The ingestion process was successfully completed with 99% data quality levels, based on pre-defined customer load and compliance set of rules.

Analytics Roadmap for Real Estate Organization

Replacing the traditional BI tool and modernizing the data landscape, we at Delphi helpyou inestablishing current analytics maturity and setting the goals. We help you to define the analytics roadmap for:

  • Enhanced Business Reporting
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Machine Learning

Developing intuitive Power BI dashboards for Masdar

We developed an executive an executive Dashboard for Masdar. We designed an illustrative dashboard with multiple sections highlighting the project status and high-level insights. We also automated the extraction of data from various sources. We used Power BI as the tool to build this dashboard.