Wind Blade Inspection automation using Image Processing.

Blade failure is a challenge in wind energy sector, we helped in automation of the inspection process of the wind blades using principles of machine learning and image processing. We build a technology to store images on cloud analyze them and build an algorithm to detect anomalies. It can also provides AI predicted asset maintenance an Autonomous UAV operations

Sales Opportunity Pipeline Dashboard

This dashboard provides an overview about projects in the various stages of the sales pipeline and the distribution of the project value over the years. It helps us obtain the total projects, project values, the phase the project are in, Sector wise segregation of the projects with the help of graphs, charts and other informative insights.

Data Warehouse Assessment methodology and Modernization advisory

This Includes analyzing the Current state and the Desired state to assess the gap between them.Using Comprehensive Set of Characteristics to measure the capability of DW environment. The DW assessment provides us withan executive summary and roadmap to align data warehouse dimensions with business requirements, and a detailed plan of the recommended next steps to close gaps between current and desired levels.

Machine learning based Chatbots- ARAB BOTS

We used azure bot capabilities, along with Azure app services and LUIS to create a bot that will automate the existing form submission process in Teams and Share Point.The bot is going to be the employee’s virtual assistant, It will always be online, thereby reducing the turnaround time during form submission and processing. The document request history would be graphically represented.

Predictive models deployed in business applications to predict promotion effectiveness, and price improvisation.

Delphi helped a retail organization, develop a predictive algorithm to forecast the impact on turnover and gross margins with the introduction of new promotion or changes in prices. Price sensitivity is a frequently consulted topic, where we help organizations build predictive models around their business operations.

Data Quality assessments are conducted by Delphi

High-quality data is precondition for analyzing and for guaranteeing the value of the data. We proposed a hierarchical data quality standard from the perspective of the users.We choose data quality dimensions commonly accepted and widely used as data quality standards and redefined their basic concepts based on actual business needs. The steps followed for the assessment are:

  • Source systems data Identification
  • Data Quality Assessment
  • Data Quality Benchmarking

Data migration and consolidation with 99% data quality levels for global markets for a retailer

Delphi automated data extraction from multiple source systems (ERP, HR, Business critical applications) to ingest in a cloud-based data warehouse. The ingestion process was successfully completed with 99% data quality levels, based on pre-defined customer load and compliance set of rules.

School attendance automation based on computer vision

Delphi built asystem, which automates the manual process of attendance, also giving us other insights.The objective of the school attendance software is to reduce the time that is consumed when attendance is taken manually. Unlike the manual process, an online system easily helps management to analyze student’s attendance details as per requirement. Some benefits of attendance automation are:

  • Faster data storage and Recovery
  • Quick Report Generation
  • Minimum Errors

Voice assistant for patient experience at Aster Hospitals

Voice assistant developed for Healthcare industry to enhance Patient Experience. The voice assistance leverages Azure Cognitive services and integrates with Hospital Information system, to route the requests from patients to the required department – Nursing, Dietitian, Housekeeping or Call your Doctor.

Customer Analytics Dashboard for Apparel Retailer

The custom built dashboard by delphiprovides an overview of the performance of stores spread across various regions. This provides us with useful insights which help in growing business, providing us with exact figures, graphs to understand the trend better. Some of the key insights we obtain include the average and per capita sales, profit trends and various informative graphs and charts which help us to visualize the analytics dashboard and take informed decisions.

Analytics Roadmap for Real Estate Organization

Replacing the traditional BI tool and modernizing the data landscape, we at Delphi helpyou inestablishing current analytics maturity and setting the goals. We help you to define the analytics roadmap for:

  • Enhanced Business Reporting
  • Predictive Modelling
  • Machine Learning

Petty cash and credit card management tool

We designed and developed a cloud-based portal to facilitate petty Cash Management and approval workflow.We will use power Apps to build the user interface, SharePoint to build backend database and power automate to integrate with emails and approval processes.Dashboard will be designed to view all requests, expenses and balance on one form

Developing intuitive Power BI dashboards for Masdar

We developed an executive an executive Dashboard for Masdar. We designed an illustrative dashboard with multiple sections highlighting the project status and high-level insights. We also automated the extraction of data from various sources. We used Power BI as the tool to build this dashboard.