Landmark Group

Landmark Group is one of the largest retail and hospitality organizations in the Middle East, Africa, and India. Landmark currently has their SAHLA application footprint on-premises and OCI with manual deployments taking place through Docker containers. Shala’s 70+ microservices which are responsible for retail business have their dependencies on in-house databases and external systems. The API gateway is responsible for service definition and discovery for applications, end-users, and external parties. The source control and build definitions currently exist in Azure DevOps. The same would be consumed to define releases in future. Currently the microservices and ESB are deployed in Docker, running on 2 virtual machines (VMWare).


  • Some key LOB applications are 10+ years old need for agility.
  • Business SLAs needed improvement
  • Traditionally designed database
  • Scalability is not in place.
  • Continuous integration and continuous deployment are not in place for micro services.


Based on our application assessment, a new design was proposed for this business critical retail application utilizing most effective Azure Kubernetes with DevOps culture while bringing in advanced azure features like auto scaling, CI CD, Application logging and effective monitoring.

As always our strategy was to go one extra mile to plan the internal team training on DevOps culture to run business as usual.


  • Modernize Application Platforms using Azure
  • Auto scaling and CI CD in place.
  • Quicker time to market and reduction in development lifecycles by up-to 60% with Azure DevOps& Containerization
  • Highly available, fault tolerant solution architecture
  • Business SLA improved.