Microsoft SharePoint is a cloud-based service that helps organizations share and manage content, knowledge, and applications to: 

  • Empower teamwork 
  • Quickly find information 
  • Seamlessly collaborate across the organization

SharePoint empowers teamwork by collaborating and streamlining your team’s work. Team members can use it as a secure place to share files, data, news and resources inside and outside your organization. 

How Delphi can help you leverage SharePoint 

Assessment & advisory 

Delphi will guide you through SharePoint to find the right configuration for your business. Our team uses Microsoft’s best practices to help you create a proper information architecture, an efficient governance strategy, and a comprehensive roadmap for creating your next-gen collaboration portal. 

SharePoint customization 

SharePoint has best-in-class document storage and collaboration capabilities. However, many organizations may opt for going beyond the core functionality by adapting SharePoint to previously established processes or transforming their business processes with customized SharePoint features. 

SharePoint integration 

Connecting SharePoint with vital systems creates endless possibilities for simplifying your daily routine and streamlining your operations. Integrations enable users to stay in SharePoint instead of switching between many systems, inserting external data to speed up document creation, etc. Delphi has the necessary experience to analyze your current software, create an integration plan, and implement it properly. 

SharePoint migration 

Migration of legacy portals to SharePoint or to newer versions of the platform helps upgrade their features, increase productivity, and reduce the cost of a company’s digital workplace. With Delphi, you can evaluate your information architecture, identify migration blocks, and develop a comprehensive migration plan that eliminates data loss and downtime. 

Gain More with Delphi Consulting’s SharePoint Services  

  1. Document and Content Management Simplified 

Simplifying the process of sharing, storing or managing documents and publishing contents in a secured way to boost collaboration 

  1. Custom Dashboards

Produce role-based custom dashboards for employees and management with information that is most relevant to them 

  1. Automated Workflows

Automate your repeatable business processes with strong workflows for better productivity 

  1. Better Communication and Collaboration 

Engaging SharePoint portals to boost collaboration and communication among employees for enhanced productivity 

  1. Powerful Search Options

Ability to perform quick searches by configuring library with tags and metadata to locate the right documents, people, articles, news etc. and save time 

  1. SharePoint Governance

Help you set up role-based access/permission, rules, regulations for users and create guidelines for external and internal data sharing 

  1. Enterprise-Grade User Experience and Branding

SharePoint branding for current intranet and public facing sites to improve user experience, thereby increasing traffic and engagement to the site/portal