Microsoft Enterprise Voice Telephony Solution

Organizations with global and remote workforces need a secure and reliable approach for communication and collaboration. In the past, traditional business telephony were sufficient, but in today’s fast-paced digital environment, these solutions have limitations. Modern workers often aren’t tied to a specific location, move offices frequently, and travel to meet clients or business partners. These situations make relying on communication infrastructure that’s on-premises a challenge. 

Today’s users need to be able to communicate anytime, anywhere and on any device. That’s because many employees are not just restricted to their workstations, they use laptops, phones, tablets, and more throughout the workday. Ability to seamlessly transition between these devices and continue conversations in real-time is critical. 

Achieving this modern communication approach requires unified communications, cloud telephony, and other innovative technologies.  

A complete solution for Microsoft Teams Calling with Direct Routing: Move your enterprise to Microsoft Calling with Teams Direct Routing. We have unrivalled expertise in deploying Microsoft voice solutions, and we offer fully compliant legacy PBX replacement.  

Comprehensive Managed Service: From initial consultation and configuration design, to managed roll-out and ongoing support – we take care of it all. Our Microsoft voice specialists will work with you to ensure a secure, compliant, and globally consistent implementation. 

Seamless Integration: Large organizations have complex telephony requirements. Our Direct Routing-as-a-Service offering features integrated solutions for key applications like cloud-based contact centers and policy-based call recording and call account etc. We can also develop custom integrations where required. 


Our Approach 

  1. Design and Planning: Our Microsoft Voice Experts will design a solution tailored to the needs of your business. We’ll make sure your corporate network is optimized for Teams Calling, take care of any 3rd party software integrations, and help you plan your end-user device requirements. 
  2. Implementation and Support: We’ll plan and manage the deployment of Teams Calling across your business. We’ll configure your Microsoft 365 tenant, set up auto attendants and call queues, enable voice policies and dial plans for users, integrate third-party solutions with the voice infrastructure and provide training to usersPost deployment our engineers will provide support in trouble shooting network performance and call quality to provide the best telephony experience for the users.  
  3. Adoption and Training: We deliver training and engagement sessions for Teams Calling to drive employee adoption.