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Leverage our customized Machine Learning Consulting and Development solutions to let your business reach new heights.Optimize efficiency, quality and productivity of your assets using custom AI and Machine learning solutions.

Need for Machine Learning solutions

We Shape Machine learning models into fully functioning, data driven AI solutions. Every problem is unique and hence requires a unique solution. Delphi uses latest AI techniques to custom build a solution that provides best possible answer to the customer’s problem irrespective of the domain. We intend to establish a culture that acts on data and makes strategic decisions based on data analysis and interpretation. Optimize efficiency, quality and productivity of your assets using custom AI and Machine learning solutions.One-size-fits all approach rarely fits in Machine learning domain: different use cases require different techniques, and various stages of the model building lifecycle determine possible and preferred optimization strategies.

Machine learning Solutions (Applications)

Data Mining

Data Mining

We work with algorithms to analyze data patterns in large batches of data using customized software to get insights, which are further used in research, forecasting and decision making. Data identification, Data analysis, Information extraction, Interpretation

Natural Language Processing(NLP)

Natural Language Processing(NLP)

Natural language processing is a field of artificial intelligence in which computers analyze, understand, and derive meaning from human language in a smart and useful way. We can organize and structure knowledge to perform tasks with NLP, some of them being: Speech recognition, Sentiment analysis, Automatic summarization, Language Translation

AI Vision

AI Vision

We implement image processing and ML algorithms to develop image and video recognition solutions that understand and predict visual input to give us the required output. Some of the applications of AI vision are: Assisting in the Educational System, Optimizing Medical Imagery, Behavioral and emotional analysis, Face and iris recognition

Delphi Approach on ML solutions

Delphi can help you with a custom-built Machine Learning solution to fulfill your business needs, we use latest technology to provide smart, data driven solutions to help innovate and explore new opportunities in your field. The project workflow we follow at Delphi is:​

Analyzing necessities and goals


In the first phase of an ML project realization, we outline strategic goals. We assume the solution to a problem, define the scope of work, and plan the development.

Data Pre-processing


Data is the foundation of any ML project. The second stage of project implementation is complex and involves data collection, selection, preprocessing, and transformation

Model Implementation ​


In this stage, we train numerous models to identify the one with the most accurate predictions. The models are mainly of two types:

  • Supervised learning model
  • Unsupervised learning model

Model Evaluation


The goal of this step is to develop the simplest model able to formulate a target value fast and well enough. At Delphi, we achieve this goal through optimization of model parameters to achieve an algorithm’s best performance.

Deployment, Assistance and Support


The model deployment stage covers putting a model into production use. Deployment workflow depends on business infrastructure and a problem you aim to solve.


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