Extract, Transform & Load Data Warehouse Modernization

Modernize your data landscape

With ever evolving technology and Business requirements, we at Delphi help you to evolve the traditional data warehouse which supports new technology and keeps you ahead of the world.

Need for Data Warehouse Modernization

We ought to look at the larger reality about the data, which is that legacy data tools actually lack the ability to solve current data problems. The conventional data stack has too many steps, too many resources, and too many integrations, all of which contribute to organizational difficulty, time delays, and high costs. The data modernization strategy has become a top priority for enterprises because achieving this means that they can provide ideal data experiences that have useful, workable insights, API-driven application integration, and respond to the real-time needs of a competitive market setting.

Data Warehouse Modernization Process and Solution

In Data Warehouse Modernization, we help you transfer the database from data marts to cloud data silos . To excel with cloud data warehouses and data lakes, Delphi offers a comprehensive solution for cataloging, ingest, integrating, cleaning, and handling data.

Data Integration

Data Integration

Quickly ingest and incorporate all forms of data using an intuitive visual development environment to effectively build data pipelines that accelerate your cloud data warehouse and data lake. It offers pre-built cloud-native access to nearly every form of business data, whether multi-cloud or on-premise.

Data Quality

Data Quality

Data Warehouse modernization offers cloud-based functionality so that you can take a comprehensive approach to rapidly profile your data, allowing you to detect, address and track data quality issues before transferring data to your cloud data warehouse or data lake.

Metadata Management

Metadata Management

We have a metadata-driven approach to creating data pipelines using a visual development environment, with the ability to run on all major cloud systems (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform) and the new computing engines (Spark) without needing you to re-encode the existing pipelines.

Delphi Approach -It Starts with Data

Valuable, insightful and relevant knowledge to inform executives in companies is a core component of strategic business decision-making. To address this need for enterprises, Delphicreates a solution for loading, transforming and analyzing data and building a comprehensive analytical framework.


  • Ingestion to bring data into the analytics ecosystem


  • Cataloging to manage the inventory of datasets and supporting metadata


  • Preparation to improve, enrich, format, and blend data


  • Analysis to explore, model, and visualize data


  • Action to turn analytics insights into business results


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