Dashboarding/UX/UI Consulting

ABI Dashboarding and UI/UX consulting

User experience design is all about convenience of human-computer interaction. We developprototypes to create and implement effective UI – with the main goal to user experience to the next level which helps you to achieve solid business results.

Understanding UI/UX and ABI

User Experience is stealing the limelight in the present design world. Integrating the latest technologies and benefitting from latest tech, we roll forward in the UI/UX realm.Our highly experienced team, and inquisitive nature as an organization, have gained us enough expertise to fortify your UI/UX design concepts to bolster your business. We will help you uphold your values and achieve your goals through interactive designs that captivate the visitors attention.

Advantages of ABI dashboarding, UI/UX development

A BI dashboard manages information by tracking data points that are important to your business. The dashboard gives you an overall view of all data from across the organization on a custom dashboard that deliver valuable insights for the business. You can see and analyze data, display the businesses key performance indicators , assess performance measures and generate actionable insights.There are many significant benefits of implementing BI dashboards into your operations including:

Better Visibility

Better Visibility

BI dashboards provide better visibility with information whenever it is required to ensure businesses are prepared to respond to ever evolving market conditions.



With better insight, future demand can be more accurately predicted using historic information. Businesses can more effectively plan for demand fluctuations for the next business cycle, setting measurable goals and deliverables for greater success.

Better decision-making

Better decision-making

A BI dashboard allows companies to analyze key data quickly and optimally, extracting important insights from an overwhelming amount of data in a way that is easy to understand. With the ability to easily identify what the data really means, better decisions can be made relevant to the business.

Key performance indicators

Key performance indicators

BI dashboards seperate data from multiple sources, displaying information as easy to understand visuals, in real-time. This provides managers with an overview of current KPIs to assess different areas of performance while creating actionable insights.

Delphi Approach -It Starts with Data

Valuable, insightful and relevant knowledge to inform executives in companies is a core component of strategic business decision-making. To address this need for enterprises, Delphi creates a solution for loading, transforming and analyzing data and building a comprehensive analytical framework.

Understanding requirement

  • Product Introduction and need understanding.
  • This helps us to implement the project effectively

Research and information Architecture

  • Designing a new architecture based on the users need
  • Testing this architecture and developing prototypes

Prototype and Wireframe

  • The hierarchy of items is defined on a screen
  • It helps to explore ideas before implementing them by creating a visual.

Visual Design

022-digital platform
  • Collaborating with the visual designer to provide better size color an use of whitespace
  • Defining component , interaction and behavior.

Analytics and Testing

  • Working closely with the analytics team
  • Run the usability tests an user personas for feedback
  • Browser and platform compatibility


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