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Need for AI

In the new world irrespective of the industry, in order to accelerate your business infrastructure, you need AI expertise, and we provide you with that. We have a full suite of AI/ML services to develop, deploy, and manage solutions, from retail to finance, education to healthcare and IT, we can help your business needs. In today’s competitive world, Data riven decision making is a very important aspect. It enables in new improved decision making,Create new opportunities, optimize current operations and predict future trends.

Delphi Approach


Understanding and Discovering the data


We evaluate the potential of your data, software infrastructure and technology to discover and deploy the right AI technology and tools for bringing improvement.



We give a small-scale demonstration of the AI technology for your business and analyze the possible improvement to the AI system.



Once the solution is approved, our AI developers and designers launch a live system. We also maintain and provide support for ongoing operations and changes.



Our consulting team reviews the existing workflow, process and operations to determine if an AI solution can bring efficiency.We collect requirements and prepare a roadmap for your project that outlines the project timeline estimate, cost to build an AI app, and deliverables.

Our AI capabilities





Our Projects



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